About me

I am a passionate designer that loves to solve problems, understand people and learn from them daily. I am engaged in designing services and products for over eight years, developing websites, apps and infographics. My goal is to work with costumer experience as UX/UI designer at service innovation field.

2014 | UI/UX at Estadão
2013 | UX designer at Acervo Artístico Cultural dos Palácios do Governo
2013 | Art Director at Lote 42
2012 | Co Founder at Studio Sim
2009 | Infographics and UI/UX designer at Veja Online
2008 | UI/UX designer at Abril.com
2007 | Designer at Editora Pearson

Service design
Customer Journey
Interaction design
Design thinking
Graphic design
Web Design
Visual journalism

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